A global problem, a national tragedy


According to the OMS data, heart diseases represent the main death cause in the world, being responsible for 17,3 million deaths per year. If in 2001 the cardiovascular mortality rate was around 29,1%, in 2020 it is estimated that it will increase to 31,5% and in 2030 to 32,5%, meaning 24,2 million deaths.

Comparing the cardiovascular diseases, the mortality rate caused by the second death reason in the world – cancer – was around 8,2 million in 2013.

In the EU, according to published data by Eurostat (the EU institution that provides statistic data), in 2012 there were registered 1,9 million deaths as a result of cardiovascular disease, representing 37,9% from the total of deaths. These numbers are significant higher comparing to the ones caused by the second death reason in EU – cancer – (malignant neoplasm: 25,8%)