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  • because you want to initiate a dialog with the authorities involved in the health care system in Romania;
  • because you want to pull a signal regarding the increased mortality in Romania caused by cardiovascular diseases, comparing to the average from the EU countries, considering the fact that the money allocated from the state budget is much smaller than the real needs of the Romanian population;
  • because you know that the cardiovascular diseases must become a priority in the national strategy for health care for 2016-2020;
  • because you understand the importance and you want to learn from the other countries` experience and from the patterns which already work well and ensure an easy access for the patients;
  • because you know that it is a MUST to reconsider the reallocation of  the funding for cardiovascular diseases considering their importance;
  • because you want to have contributed to improving the patients` access to cardiovascular procedures and for that the money allocated from the public system follow the patient;
  • because you understand why it is important  that the access of medical institutions to national programmes is done equally, no matter the form of property (private or state one) nor the geographic location;
  • because you don’t want to be the witness or part of statistics that annually increase.

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