Cardiovascular risk in Romania


Comparing to the other state members of the EU, in 2013 Romania was situated on the last but one place regarding the number of angioplasty procedures effectuated for the patients with cardiovascular diseases (with Cyprus on the last place). Romania is also situated in the same place in what concerns the bypass procedures (with Ireland on the last place). As far as the endowment with angiographs, Romania is the last place with Macedonia.

Despite the fact that the cardiovascular diseases are the main death cause in Romania, representing 57% of the mortality rate, the state allocates from the public funds a sum 14 times smaller that the one allocated for the oncological diseases.

Sad future for cardiac patients in Romania…

According to the data published by the National Health Insurance Unit, the budget and engagement credits of the national programs for curative health for 2016 are the following:

  • national oncology programme – 384 406 000 EUR
  • national programme for diabetes – 196 264 222 EUR
  • national programme for the treatment of rare diseases – 28 648 666 EUR
  • national programme for cardiovascular diseases – 24 832 444 EUR

Cardiovascular disease – the main mortality cause in Romania

From the numbers above it turns out that the cardiovascular diseases are the main death cause in Romania, that the budget allocated in the national programmes for this type of diseases is much below the real needs of the population, concomitant with the disproportionate funding – regarding the mortality – of other categories of diseases.